Friday, 18 May 2012

Story Writing


  1. Amazing stories, Maple Class - what fabulous writers you all are! Joe - I remember that you were a great writer in Y4, but that story was simply amazing (though I may not sleep tonight) - well done!
    Mr K :-)

  2. It looks like you put a lot of effort into those stories, well done!

  3. We didn't read all your stories but we thought JACK'S WAS GREAT.

  4. cool stories guys!!!!

  5. I am very impressed with your stories. All of them! The way you have presented them is also brilliant! Well done everyone!

  6. Hi I loved the stories Joe yours was so scary I wander what the green liquid was...
    Anyway I would love to read more stories!

  7. Hello maple class excelent stories
    p.s:we love joes story keep it up
    (Liam and Jay)

  8. Hello,
    I loved the stories especially Emily's!
    I really enjoyed reading them.
    From Rebecca

  9. brilliant storys everyone joe i realy like yours keep up the good work

    from jay

  10. Hi,
    I have read all of them,
    My favourite is Greg's,
    But they were all good!
    From Toby

  11. those are amazing well done to all of them specialy rosie and all of them by kyle and matty

  12. WOW great story writing!
    From Ruby S

  13. Hey, Maple Class! I read all of your stories but Aran's stood out for me! Just the the jucy description is amazing and you all have signs of level 4-5 skills!
    I remember when my class wrote about that video. At first, it me shake as I thought it was very spooky. Anyway, it is a very good video with great retells of the story!
    Keep up the great work at school and on the blog!
    Emilia at

  14. To Maple Class, those stories are fabulous! (just like my class's blog.) Something that you won't know is that I have watched the video that you are describing. It was scary but brilliant. Just a small question, when the girl got turned into a doll, do you think she will ever return to be a human ever again? What brilliant openers you have used and I might magpie some. All of the stories I have read show signs of level 4 and level 5. I think you have retold the story well. I like how you have added some of your own ideas in aswell.
    From Thea at

    1. I think if she ever managed to get out of the shop, she would return to human form.

  15. Hello Maple Class,
    I enjoyed reading your stories. They we epic. We wrote a story on that video alma in year 5. I enjoyed doing it. I hope you carry on writing stories as brilliant as you are doing. Well done!
    From Chloe at High Lawn Primary School.

  16. fabulous, really great!

  17. I love Jess's, not just because I'm called Jess!
    I am in Year Six as well and we looked at the film yesterday. I liked it, and we're now going to write our own suspense story!

  18. I am reading these stories to my year 5 class today before they do their big writing on the same animation

  19. These stories are great we are doing the same chilling doll story in class this week and are writing stories just like you. I especially loved jacks- but all of them were great

  20. I am going to use Alma with my Y6 Class next week and I will be sharing your stories with them in the hope that they can produce stories as fantastic as yours are. Well done to you all for such amazing writing and thank you for sharing it with us. Mrs J Hudson, Somerford Primary School.