Friday, 27 January 2012

100 word challenge

 Our first 100 word challenge.  We didn't use the five word prompt but here goes....

By Tess

"Help!"someone cried. I looked around. Suddenly I looked up. There was somebody strapped to the point of the Eiffel tower. I didn't know what to do. Should I climb up? I soon realised that was a bad idea. There was a man up there. He was probably the man who had strapped the woman -I'm guessing- to the tower. Just then an ear-percing scream filled the air. The woman was being held to the tower by a strap, and that strap was being cut! It was over. Gone. But somebody caught her, her life was saved. Not gone.

The mighty Eiffel Tower
By Chloe

On the third of January I went to France and saw the Eiffel Tower. I took two photos. Me and my family went on a long walk which is how we found the mighty Eiffel Tower, we stared at it for about fifteen minutes and couldn't beleave what was infront of our eyes. This big silver metal Tower that was infront of me was surrounded by people holding cameras and gasping. Its shiny powers bounced straight back in my eyes. The sun glazed down and made it look like it had been polished a hundred times by a tidle wave.

100 word challenge


  1. Bonjour! Great work Tessa & Chloe - we enjoyed reading your 100 word challenges! Oh that's weird, Tess just walked past and was being nosey through the window!
    Bye! :-)

  2. well done chole and tessa you did a amazing work on your 100 word challenge.

  3. Great job with the hundred word challenge Tessa and Chloe hope u do as good on the next challenge

  4. It was a brilliant description!We would like to see you put up more 100 word challenges!

  5. hi maple really like the blog

  6. To Tess

    Really nice story! I like the way you start with a dialogue! Nice use of hyphen! One thing that I 'think' you missed: adjective. Because I couldn't picture the strap too much. Hope you publish more stories...

    To Chloe

    Wow! It must have really been an amazing experience! I really like your recount- it must have been hard making a hundred word challenge. One thing that needs to be improved- the spelling. Anyway, really enjoyed the fabulous recount...

  7. Hi
    I liked these 100WC stories! They are great, used a wide range of vocabulary and are very inspirational!!!

    Jack B