Friday, 24 February 2012

Rhiannon's 100 word challenge

… Oh Dear I Forgot It Was Leap Year … 100 Word Challenge “Oh no” Ruby screamed. I have done something really stupid. I have done something incredibly stupid. I have celebrated Easter a day early, Christmas a day early and even my birthday. Until someone said to me, “you having a good day?” I thought to my self, wondering why he said that, because he never ever does. Then I realized, he was giving me a hint, thinking, are you going to propose to me? I whispered to myself. “Why?” I shouted out loud, “I am an idiot! I forgot it was leap year! I am an idiot! Once again!” Ha!

Sasha's 100 word challenge

'Oh dear! I forgot it was leap year!' Stomped my brother Max. 'I forgot it was leap year!' shouted Mum. I celebrated my birthday a day early. I am an idiot. My birthday is tomorrow. I had just finished opening the presents then looked on the calendar to write a date on it then in big bold letters LEAP YEAR! Oh no. My family were coming round in ten mins. It was the wrong day. It was the most dreadful birthday ever. I ran upstairs and sunk my head into the pillow. My mum knocked on the door. I let her in. She pulled the covers of me she said “oh darling you wet the bed.” “NO mum it is wet from my floods of tears.”

Olivia's 100 Word Challenge

Oh Dear I Forgot It Was Leap Year This year is a leap year but I forgot! And because it was a leap year I celebrated Christmas a day early. It was December 24th, Chrismas eve or as I thought Christmas day. I had wondered why Santa had'nt brought me any presents, had I been naughty but I had been good all year. I ran upstairs to my room and burst into tears on my bed. My mum walked in and asked me what was wrong. "Santa has'nt come this year," I sobbed. "It's christmas eve though, Santa does'nt come till christmas day," she told me,"It's a leap year silly,"

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Book reviews on Divine Freaks by Fiona Dunbar

Book review of Divine Freaks by Fiona Dunbar
Book style
The style of the book is definitely new to me, going by the styles of the other books that I have read. The first person language is slightly casual but that helps to add to the humour edge that well balances the fear and sympathy in the book. Although I have mentioned some of the themes in the book, it seems there is no particular one that runs through the book but it is good to let the feelings flow around you. Because of the connective in the book, it seems to edge you on, you can’t put it down!

Kitty Slade is the narrator in the story and Fiona Dunbar has portrayed her brave, caring, slightly mischievous nature so well, you fall in love with her throughout the book. (Not literally). She can see ghosts which obviously interrupts her life creating the perfect storyline. Before her phantorama her family life was well… Normal but I love the way the slightly arrogant, loyal, knowledgeable personality of her brother Sam, the cheeky, positive, and naive personality of her sister Flossie and the kind-hearted, persistent and humorous personality of her Grandmother Maro seem to captivate you wonderfully.

What could be improved?
I felt relief a little too much in the book despite the amount of disasters. The cover was too girly but the content isn’t at all.
 by Greg

Divine Freaks is an amazing book about a young girl called Kitty Slade. She is a normal girl except she has one extraordinary ability, that no-one in the world has, she can see ghosts. The book is all about her daring adventure to find out who killed the mysterious previous chemistry teacher, Mr. Divine, after she gets kicked out of school.
          Kitty Slade makes enemies throughout the book and gets suspicious of certain characters. When Kitty hates a character, so do you and you feel empathy for her when she’s sad or lonely.
          The books themes  were spot on! When it was supposed to be funny, it was, or when it was supposed to be surprising it was and so on. It triggered every emotion except for boredom!

Overall my favourite book I’ve read in Bookfest so far is this book. I couldn’t put it down.

By Francesca  

What's the book about?
            This book is about a girl called Kitty Slade who doesn’t ask to but starts seeing ghosts and her grandma said it called a phanterma.

            I think Divine Freaks has got a great readability. If I could mark it one to five I would give it a four because the book has got a little bit of Greek in it I didn’t understand.
            I think Divine Freaks is a thriller and it takes you off the edge of your seat. And it sometimes makes you laugh and sometimes it can be a bit scary.
            Finally I would like to say that you should buy this book and all the series.
 by Ella

Book review on Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

What is it about?
It is all about a young boy named Aman who had been treated (along with his mum) badly by the Afghan police. A dog turns up at the mouth of his cave and becomes a good friend.

How does it make you feel?
It makes me feel a little upset because you don’t know if Aman will make it or not and the atmosphere sounds all crowded and trapped.

Who is your favourite character?
My favourite character would be Aman or Shadow. Aman is strong and smart and Shadow, the dog is a dog you can trust.

Would you recommend this book? Why?
Yes, I would, because it is the sort of book my friends would like and I loved it.

I would like to ask Morpurgo where he got his ideas for this book.

By Rhiannon

I thought that shadow was an amazing book because I like how shadow leads aman and his mother to England. Shadow was a good book and I personally think it should win Book fest. I like how Sergeant Broody had the dog first and then uncle Mere, then grandpa. I would rate shadow 10/10 it was sad when somebody died, but it was fantastic when shadow saved loads of lives by finding the bombs.

by Kyle

Book review on The Case of the Deadly Desperados by Caroline Lawrence

This book had its ups and downs. At first for me it was a little boring and hard to get into, but it did get better the further in you got. It was a little gory but it did suit the book.
      In the book there were surprises and a lot of cunning plans. The characters were all different with different personalities.
       The book got more adventurous the more you read. The case of the deadly desperados was excellent for visualising. You can really get a feel for where you are.
      My favourite part of the book had to be all of it! I couldn’t pick a favourite part as most of the book was action- packed and exciting.
       I would say that this book- or any- needs to be stuck at don’t stop reading because you don’t like it, in fact if you don’t like it read it more!
 by Tess

Book Reviews on The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by L Pichon

I thought that Tom Gates was alright it was a easy and quick read. I thought that the characters were good,I could tell who was speaking. I personally liked Tom. I thought he was quite funny and he was quite entertaining. The story line was pritty good,It made sense and I could tell where they were.  They all together  were funny. Some of the characters get on your nervs like Marcus. Marcus is like one of those people who winds you up and then you say somthig back and then they get you into troble a bit like a teachers pet. One thing I would change about Tom Gates is the font of the writing. It is too easy if a twelve to fourteen year old piked this book up and they looked at the first page they would think it is a book for three year olds when it isn't  it's for about twelve to thirteen year olds. I recomend this book to yrar three to year eight. Toms sister is  sneaky and slimey (LAZY!). I think Tom is a bit like me his sister always winding him up.

By Matty 

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates is an amazing comic-like story, with an amazing comic-like cover. If you have ever read a diary style book, then this is the purchase for you, as it is super funny, comic like, pictureable and a bit weird. The storyline is great, with maps of places, e.g. where Tom lives. Tom is a normal boy, that is good at drawing and likes making and listening to music. His best friend has a dog, so Tom’s sister runs away as she is allergic to dogs. Tom’s favourite band is dude3 and he sees them at the end of the book with his teacher, Mr. fullerman. I’d recommend this book to anyone who has a great sence of humour and likes to read. I think tom should have a pet. 
By Jack N


Tom Gates is a copy of the diary of the wimpy kid if you know what that book is but in a different style. Tom gates is basically a diary of his life from day-day and what things he’s doing each day. But then his life went miserable in school but there is 1 person that makes him happy.


The themes in Tom Gates are happy themes and the emotions are mostly positive except from his sister Delia and she is annoying. He tells a good story about a kid's life that’s what I think from my personal view. The emotions are all over the place at one point.

Favourite character

My favourite character is the main character Tom Gates he’s funny and the way he speaks to people and the language he uses.


The readability is for year 5 and 4. I would say it very easy to read that’s why I recommended it to younger children and the language is basic but quite funny and there's not many tricky words.

I think nothing can be improved I would recommended this to age 7-11 years old. 

By Luke

Who is your favourite character?
My favourite character is tom gates because he always plays sneaky pranks on his sister Delia, but Delia always gets tom back. Tom loves his music. His favourite band is called Dude 3 and his dream is to become famous like them so he and his best friend Derrick have made up a band and named it Dog Zombies.

What is the book about?
The book is about Tom Gate’s every day life. Tom loves annoying his sister; he makes all strange and wired excuses to his teacher Mr Fullerman because he forgets to bring his homework in on-time. Tom loves drawing and doodling in class.   
By Elisha

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Maple Leaf

Our new class symbol! As well as being the national symbol of Canada, the Maple Leaf is the symbol for our class.  What does it mean to you to be in Maple Class?

Mrs P

Manor Adventure

Not long now everyone until we are off on our travels to Manor Adventure in the Shropshire Hills. We are all very excited and lots of us are wondering what it will be like?  Why not post a comment here to share your views on what you THINK it will be like at Manor and what your are looking forward to.

Friday, 10 February 2012

What if....?

We have been using our thinking skills. We looked at the idea of 'What if? 
Watch this....

Olivia's 100 Word Challenge Week 20

Internet gone bust!

Yesterday, four year old Charlie Carlson crashed the internet across the whole entire world. Charlie said that he was playing an online game when an error occured on his screan and when he clicked on the exit it only took him further.

The internet is trying to be re-conected but it will not work. "when it happened the screen when blank and an exclamation mark flashed on the screan," Charlie told us."it wasn't my fault though!
Charlie's punishment will be a sixty million pound fine!
This little rebel's mother, Corrine, said, "I have no idea how I will ever pay it all, Will I get in a lot of trouble?"


Joe's 100 Word Challenge Week 20

It wasn't my fault . . .
He was on the floor,shins cut open, motionless. I held the blood stained hockey stick in one hand, fear and anger in the other, everyone looked at me in dispare, worried yet ashamed. They were the judges and I was the suspect guilty of murder. I lay sobbing, my hand were as wet as a swimming pool, I looked up, I didn't know what to do but then I got some courage to speak, but all I said "It wasn't my fault," but they stared at me, boaring a hole in my head. I couldn't move, pinned by their beedy eyes. At that moment . . . Iwanted to be dead.

by Joe

Friday, 3 February 2012

Aran's 100 word challenge week 19

The ground slowly parted....
Suddenly I woke up to an earpinching scream. It sounded like an earthquake.  I ran downstairs as quick as a flash.. The whole room was a wreck and I went through the now tilted door way and looked around the street.  Everything was either crushed, split or destroed.  There was a crack split open in the middle of the road.  As well as that I felt like something, was following me.  Just then there was a massive bang.  All I could see was a hudge blob and before I could make it out I fell into the ground and everything went black!

Ella's 100 Word Challenge Week 19

The ground slowly parted.....

"Whoa!" a random guy suddenly shouted.  The ground collapsed and people, cars and buildings were falling into this massive huge hole.  Anyway, I thought to myself, does anything live down in that hole? So I thought, if I go closer but not too close, I will see if anything does live down there.  So I step that inch closer and see if anything lives in that crack in the road.  I'm standing there in front of this dark, gloomy crack.  No one appeared to be inside.  Suddenly everyone panicked and a man pushed me into the lifeless hole.  I have lived here all my live since then. 
Will I ever return to the surface?

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bookfest Book Awards!

We are reading a set of six books which have been shortlisted to win an award in April.  We have six copies of each of the books which we are frantically reading and passing around.  The books are all fascinating to read but are all quite different.  Some are better than others but we all have our own opinions!!

Which book takes your fancy?  Have you read any?  Let us know what you think...

These six titles are called:

Divine Freaks by Fiona Dunbar

Hey, I'm Kitty Slade just your average normal girl, doing, you know, normal stuff. Got a brother  (annoying) got a sister (quite annoying), got a grandma (she's awesome) Oh yeah, and one more thing, I can see dead people......

The Case of the Deadly Desperados by Caroline Lawrence

My name is PK. Pinkerton and before the day is over, i will be dead.  My parents were scalped and killed a few days ago on my twelth birthday. I came to this lawless town of Virginia city to escape their fate but now I find myself trapped down the deepest shaft of a silver mine with three desperados hot on my trail.  Before they find me, I am going to write this account so you will know what happened and who dunnit.

Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

Never has Aman needed a friend more than when a springer spaniel appears in the mouth of his Afgan cave.  The dog becomes a constant companion, a shadow, and that's what Aman decides to call her. But life becomes more dangerous by the moment.  Eventually, Aman and Shadow find the courage to leave, but how far can Shadow lead them and in his terrifying new world, is anywhere really safe...?

 The Get Rich Quick Club by Rose Impey

This is your lucky day! You have been chosen to join the soon-to-be-world famous Get Rich Quick Club.  So step straight into our offices - you'll have to ignore the rat droppings and disgusting smell.  Then listen and learn my friends!

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by L Pichon

I'm Tom Gates.  When my teachers don't have their beady eyes on me, I like to draw pictures and think of ways to annoy Delia. My teachers think I'm easily distracted and 'lack focus' which is a bit harsh because right now I am very focused on which biscuit I should eat first.....mmmmm.

 Put Out The Light by Terry Deary

It's 1940 and war is under way.
 In Sheffield, England a brother and sister set out to solve a mystery, bravely believing that the air-raid signals are only false alarms.
In Dachau, Germany, two boys come up with bold plan to bring an end to the war and help a Polish prisoner escape.
But when the bombs falling on Sheffield become a reality, and the German boys' plan hurls them unwittingly intot he midst of the action, the children's advenures swiftly becime a terrifying fight to survive.