Friday, 30 March 2012

Sasha's 100 Word Challenge Week 26

Ellie was very excited when Mrs May gave out the homework. It was all about chocolate. Her heart sank when she realized she had to make a chocolate statue of her pet. “OH NO!” she thought, “I have no pet”. Ellie asked her mum what she should do. Her mum said, “Don’t worry make a statue of Bobby the wild rabbit who visits the garden”. Ellie cheered up and set to work. The chocolate statue of Bobby looked fantastic. She was sure to win!
 Judging day arrived. Mrs May enquired as to where Ellie’s homework was. She replied “The chocolate rabbit melted in the sun.” 

Jack B's Video Tutorial

Are you confused how to sign in?
The bar on the top of our blog has disappeared for security reasons.
Therefore, I have made a video on how to sign in now and leave a comment.
By Jack B 

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Jack B's 100 Word Challenge Week 26

The sun shone through the tree. Easter wasn’t normally like this, 27 degrees C, so I had to make the most of this rare occasion. I sat at the side of the quiet road with a picnic blanket on the floor and lots of food. An anxious-looking man approached me. I wondered what he wanted.
“Excuse me, could you help me?” he said.
“I’ve lost my car keys and can’t  get in!” 
I left my Easter chocolate bunny on the path, took my hammer and smashed the window.
“Thanks!” he said gleefully. I returned to my picnic. Disaster had struck…
…the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun…

Mitchell's 100 Word Challenge - Week 26

The burglary...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the night guard quietly dozed. This was the most risky heist in the world and all to steal a chocolate rabbit! This was no ordinary chocolate rabbit it was the tastiest  rabbit ever. There was one obstacle, lasers. Firstly to shimmy under the lasers. I carefully edge myself across the stone floor leaving lights inches from my face. Then i clamber to my feet and see my prize possession. I have to hurry because it is getting very light outside. I crack open the case and .... its gone someone has taken it. As I gaze outside  the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun. noooooooooo!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Our Bookfest Experience

We are coming to the end of the Shrewsbury Bookfest Book Award experience for this year.  We have had such fun reading both the books in the longlist and then the shortlist. From this, we had to pick a winner to receive the award which will be presented in April.  Watch the video to find out what we thought. 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Attention! Calling all adults!

We would all really like to know what school was like for our parents. Was it similar to our experiences today? Did you have interactive whiteboards? How was it the same? How was it different? Do you have any funny tales to tell? PLEASE leave us a comment to tell us.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Alex's 100 Word Challenge Week 25

                             Mind Control
It all started when I met him in the alley, his evil surged through my body. I don’t remember anything before, or after I just wake to ‘man found dead with 9700 stab wounds’ or ‘dead family found with many bullet holes to the head’. I realised it was me when I met him once more in an alley and he said, “you’re a murderer!” and when my dreams of killing are on the news!

That Friday after school I decided to go to the shop when I walked in shopkeeper Jim said “how can I help you?” then my vision went blurry, I saw a shape in my hand it looked like a pistol I heard a bang and woke up in prison…

Mitch's 100 Word Challenge Week 25

How can I help you?

The supermarket robots asked, “how can I help you?” all the time echoing throughout the bombed supermarket. It all started in 2013, the atomic war. Everything started mutating I was the only survivor. I have been living in this shop for twenty years my only source of food: the heart of the robots.  My only company - cockroaches. I survived. I am the only human life source on Earth. This is my diary in case anyone finds this. Fred, born 18 November 1999 died today two thousand and thirteen. Whats the point of living? I pick up a gun… Death greets me.

Greg's 100 Word Challenge Week 25

I’m watching you…
The stranger asked, “how can I help you?”
“How did I get here?” I thought. I was standing in a small library, oblivious to how I got there. The only librarian had one eye, a stained white top and dull grey hair. Despite that, I didn’t want to be there, I had a browse to be polite. The first book I saw was titled, ‘I’m watching you…’ it had a realistic grey eyeball in it. I glanced at the librarian, he had one grey eye. There was an awful feeling about this place… I forgot how I arrived there and there was a real eye in a book!!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Our Face Britain portraits!

Welcome to our Face Britain art gallery! We did these portraits as part of a project celebrating the Queen's silver jubliee. To view the portraits, you will need to be running the latest version of Adobe Flash Player - you can download it for free here.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Matty M's 100 Word Challenge Week 24

Ding Dong! went the  sound of my door  bell. I glanced out the window to see if it was it was my two best friends in the school Luke and Kyle . I went to the door, opened it and Kyle said “are you playing out?”
I replied “yes be there in a minute gotta put my trainers on.”
I dashed towards the shoe cupboard and carefully pulled out my lovely Nike trainers not knowing there was a white spider pushed up agents the wall. I was petrified. Then ever so close there was a little hole where about fifty spiders were crawling out of.

Francesca's 100 word challenge Week 24

The White Spiders. 

Have you ever seen a spider that is so white it is almost invisible? Well I have, in fact I haven’t just seen one or two, I’ve seen FIFTY little white spiders that crawl so fast they look like a miniature white blurs, zooming round the floor. This is the story how… On Monday, last week, I was walking to school when I saw two little white blurs racing past my feet at top speed. How peculiar! Then, all of a sudden, forty-eight small blurs started climbing up my leg. Carefully I pushed them off my leg but one bit me. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Friday, 16 March 2012

Our last activity....

Well it's finally coming to an end. We are on our last activity and can't believe where the time has gone. We are all tired (and dirty) but have had a fantastic week.
To sum up our trip to Manor we would say it has been amazing especially climbing up in the trees. (Sasha & Sophie)
Mrs Prior says we have been really well behaved and a credit to our parents and the school.
We will see you when we get back...
from all the children.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day Four - Manor Adventure

We have made it to day four already! We have done lots of fun activities. one of the best ones was.....all of them!!
The abseiling we are doing right now!  The wall is really high, look!....
We bet you parents can't wait to have us home! Wait until you open our bags.
Yesterday we all went canoeing and kayaking, some of us went for a swim! Some of us went in four times! We couldn't stop laughing.
The underground maze was epic! We lost Greg (found him now fortunately). 
Our trip is coming to an end which is sad but we look forward to coming home.
All the children
Hello everyone back home! We are now blogging by phone which is good as we can do it as we go along. Thank you for all your comments, we are making sure the children get them. Everyone is being really good. All asleep each night by 10:30! The activities are really tiring them out! They are all happy and are participating in everything.  Some muddy children will be arriving home tomorrow - be prepared!
Mrs P

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Some Manor pics at last!!!

Hello! We've finally managed to get some pictures on-line! We'll try to get more on as soon as we can! :-)

Manor Adventure - Day Two

Hello everyone!
We have finally managed to find the Internet!! We have been very busy having a lot of fun already. Read below what some of our children have to say:

Luke - At first we woke up, had breakfast and then we headed straight out to do orienteering (map reading). After that, we went to do archery, this was very enjoyable but no one hit the bulls eye.  Lunch was a choice of hot dogs, cornish pasty, chicken satay, jacket potato, pasta and salad. Lunch was better than last night's meal.  Later, we are off to the disco. We are having a great time.

Greg - At first I was terrified  of the confidence course - this frame around trees which looks completely terrifying (to people like me!) Once you got going, it was fantastic and I think future Manor visitors should give everything they can a go! Missing everybody at home, but having a great time!

Mitchell H - Yesterday when we arrived at Manor we practised the fire alarm and had five minutes to unpack and then we were straight off to our first activity. It was the survival course, it was brilliant! We looked at different shelters, we even made our own and visualised a survival situation. We then built a fire using a flint and steel. The first day was amazing! We have had a busy day today, which has been fantastic!

Just a couple of snippets of what the children think of our week so far.  We are now using a fairly archaic computer as we cannot connect to wifi.  Unfortunately, we cannot upload photos - it doesn't seem to like it!

Apologies for this, we know how everyone likes to see the children.  They are however having a fantastic time. They are as muddy as you can imagine and beginning to look rather dishevelled.  The main thing is, they are HAPPY!!
Keep commenting.  We are reading them out to the children as we get them from our phones.

Mrs P

Monday, 12 March 2012

We've arrived at Manor!

Year Six have arrived safely and soundly at Manor and are already enjoying getting stuck into the different activities. They're having a few problems connecting to the internet at the moment, but will post some updates and pictures of what they've been up to as soon as they can!
Mr Kenyon :-)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Jack N's 100 Word Challenge

Unfortunately, last night, the weather changed for the worst. Volcanoes erupted, rivers flooded and tornadoes whirled. It was chaos. Although I didn’t witness it, I knew what happened, and more importantly, how it happened. Last night, I left the tap running all night long. Then, as we live near the sea, it flooded into the sea, and straight to the rivers, and then it all flooded. I have absolutely no idea how the volcanoes fit in, but I do know the tornadoes part. Behind the garage is a voltage box. As my lamp wasn’t working, I turned it up a notch. But suddenly, lightning came out of the sky, and hit the voltage box. Then a storm came, and destroyed everything.

Rosie's 100 Word Challenge

This would’ve been the best day of my life. I was on my way to see my musical hero, Noodle. I’d dyed my hair purple (don’t worry, it was only temporary) and I’d readied my mouth to scream. Suddenly, the weather changed for the worst. Across the street, a whirling cloud was sucking up everything in it’s path and squeezing it into a pulp. A tornado. I dived into next door’s front garden. It was too late. The gravel on the floor started to float. It was gone. I knew that soon the same would happen to me. It did. I died that day.

Toby's 100 Word Challenge

"Ahh" I screamed, the tornado wouldn't stop. It had already devoured the town hall. People ran for their lives. My invention was nearly ready, but I didn't have much time as the tornado had already reached five houses away. My machine was simple, as soon as the tornado reached my next-door neighbours house, my machine would suck the tornado into itself. Silently, I crept towards my room were I kept the divise. I took it out and stood outside and waited. It was nearly hear, three, two, one, ZERO. It sucked the tornado into my machine. The weather had changed for the worse.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The world's biggest blogging project - Feb29th

29 reasons why every child should blog.

As it is the 29th February – a special day, our class has thought of 29 reasons why every class should blog and what blogging means to us.
1. We can post our work and read comments from people we don’t know – Olivia
2. We do all different kinds of work on our blog. – Arturs
3. You can see who’s following you and where they are from. – Matty
4. People can join your blog.
5. Other people can see what you have been doing. – Emily
6. It helps us with our computer skills. – Dylan
7. It tells us more about other schools and they can learn about us. – Jack N
8. We can see everyone’s ideas. – Rebecca
9. We get comments from famous people such as authors.
10. It gets you thinking about your comments. – Mitch
11. Everyone can communicate with each other.
12. It gives information to the world and tells the world what you are thinking. – Kyle and Alex
13. Sometimes it is more interesting reading a blog than reading a book. – Chloe
14. You have fun while learning. – Liam
15. Everyone tries hard to get their work on the blog.
16. You can keep up to date with school even when you are at home and show your parents what you are doing.
17. It helps with our creative writing. – Rosie
18. You can talk to someone in the world without actually meeting them. – Joe
19. You can express yourself. – Jonathan
20. You can communicate with each other and keep up to date with other schools around the world.
21. It is a good skill to have.
22. We can see what others have been doing and get in contact. – Rhiannon and Elisha
23. The flag counter shows us all the people who visit our blog.
24. It is good to see how many people have a blog too. – Sasha
25. You can get ideas from other people’s blogs. – Matty
26. We can post our work and then read the comments from people we don’t know. – Olivia
27. It’s nice to read people’s comments on our 100 word challenge work so we know how to improve next time.
28. It helps with our social skills. – Jack B
29. It connects us to the world. – Tess

So there you have it. These are our reasons. What do YOU think about blogging? How has it inspired you?

Create It Awards 2012 - Mitchell

This is Mitchell's entry for the Create It Awards. He has entered this in the 'video' category.

Create It Awards 2012 - Jack B

Have a look at Jack's entry for the Create It Awards this year.  He has entered this into the 'animation' category.

Create It Awards 2012 - Ashley

Take a look at Ashley's entry for the Create It Awards this year.  He has submitted this entry in the 'animation' category. 

100 Word challenge Week 22

A photo is this week's prompt. Rather a strange one too! We had to think of a creative story which involves this ball of ...well what do YOU think it is? Read our amazing pieces of work all done in just 100 words. Don't forget to visit and our Quadblog schools to comment on other people's writing this week too.

Olivia's 100 Word Challenge

On the 19th of January 2009, the biggest clay ball was created. Using any old bits of clay, Sarah Slade added more and more clay that was, when finished, eleven feet in height and twelve feet width wise. It took Sarah just over a year to complete it. This young record breaker was inspired when she was given a packet of modelling clay for her twelfth birthday. But one morning Sarah awoke to the sound of her burglar alarm. When she ran down stairs she got the shock of her life. Two young men where rolling the ball out of the door not knowing that her neighbour had already called the police.

Jess's 100 Word Challenge

I had no idea what it was or where it came from. All I knew, was it glowed. Not just any old glow, the type of glow that makes you go crazy. This ball had fungus and mushrooms growing all over it. When I stepped closer, I could see that this ball had dead decomposing bodies. Before I could take another step, the police arrived, I ran away in to the darkness. I heard a screech. The ball had devoured the policeman; I dare not go near it again. I ran for my life and phoned my mum.

Mitch's 100 Word Challenge

Muhahahaha! The scientist screamed as his creation rose to life. I t was a giant ball of clay and its purpose was to decompose rubbish. As the scientist brought his creation to life, it suddenly got struck by lightning. The ball of clay rapidly turned green it was EVIL! The ball destructively broke out of its glass case and tore a hole in the wall. The ball broke out on a violent rampage around the city knocking the Eiffel tower over and every landmark in the process! The gigantic ball gathered height, it would soon destroy the whole wide world!

Jack B's 100 Word Challenge

The local newsagent was daunting me with its one pound offers. I rushed into the cramped garage at the bottom of the garden to get my bike. At two hundred miles an hour, I was just a few metres from the shop. BANG!!!! The whole street fell and collapsed. I gasped. A gigantic ball zoomed into the pathway. It looked like a big ball of clay. Everyone rose from their shock. I touched it. ATCHOO!!!! The street fell back down again. They started saying “We are dead! We are dead” in unison. I ignored them and walked to the shop.

Sasha's 100 Word Challenge

I was walking through the bone museum. I got to a big ball of bones. It had a description under It.The bones were from one million people through out the world. I heard it shaking. "AHHHH!" I screamed. The big ball of bones started walking up and down the glass box." Oh no!" It was coming alive. I ran to another part of the museum. " I forgot the map" I screamed. I ran back to the alive bones. I stood there! I turned around for a secend. It looked at the bones again. They were all spliting up. Suddenly they turned to real humans...

Greg's 100 Word Challenge

The worst way to die... I stared into the glass cabinet. The strange ball seemed to stare back at me. On the side of the box was a competition: What's the ball? I decided to call it a scrunched up skeleton. The following morning, there was a knock on the door. I had to open with my left hand because I couldn't bend my right. Although the knock was quiet, the man who answered it was excited. "You've won!"he yelled. "What!?" "The ball competition! You were right! It's a skeleton with a disease!" My heart skipped a beat. Yesterday, I noticed a crack and I stupidly touched the bone...