Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Life of an orange 2

This is the second life of an orange. It took about three hundred pictures to make this! It is about a weird orange on opposite day who gets into mischief. We made this by taking a lot of pictures and putting them together to create a video ( otherwise know as stop frame animation) Thanks for watching and enjoy!

By Ashley and Mitch

The Time Spirit that lurked in the Woods - Video by Jack, Greg and Tess

This is a video that Jack B, Greg and I (Tess) have been working on. It is a fantasy/ Horror about a Time Spirit (a spirit that dies if time is too complex around it.) that needs a body to stay alive. It chases an innocent young futurgram (a type of immortal that dreams about the future) called Tessa. They go all around the woods in two different time periods.
There are two extras in the movie, they are Jack N and Rosie.

It was created on an iPad using the 8mm vintage camera app, Splice and iMovie.
Want to know more? Take a look:

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

ColorSplash by Rosie.

This picture was made on ColorSplash, an cheap (69p) ipad app for photo effects. You take or upload a photo, and it automatically turns black and white. Then, you can choose the brush size (small for fine detail, big for large colouring areas) and paint back in the colours on some parts. This tricks the eye into looking at the coloured area, giving a great and arty look to your photos.

For more information, click here.

By Rosie.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Olivia's 100 Word Challenge Week 34

One morning, I woke up and smelled the sickly smell of blood in the air.  "Argh!" I screamed as I entered my Mum's bedroom.  There she was lying on the floor, clear as day, dead. My mind ran astray as I thought about how this could have happened.  Suddenly I heard the front door slam shut!  It wasn't Dad because he was in London and it couldn't have been my brother because he was at University.
I crept along the landing and there I saw a train of blood leading downstairs and to the front door. Suddenly I saw it, the nanny wasn't in her bedroom. Infact she wasn't in the house at all.  Maybe it was her!  I grabbed the phone and dialled 999 but for some reason there was no answer.  What could I do?

Michael's 100 Word Challenge Week 34

One casual day I was walking down the street and suddenly I saw a man mugging a frail old lady! I couldn't help but go over to the phone box and call the police, SWAT team, Someone! When they picked up the phone I shouted down to the officer.  Quick help someone's being mugged! The police woman kept calm about the situation.  I was so angry about that. Suddenly I ran towards him. He started to run away.  I chased and chased but he was to fast for me.  I got in my car and saw him pull out a gun. BANG! Goodbye.

Jack N's 100 Word Challenge Week 34

I walked into a cave and suddenly I saw it.  The legendary pencil.  It did absolutely nothing compared to a normal pencil.  That's why it's called the Legendary Pencil.  The only difference is that the legendary pencil is made of solid gold.I would have to be careful because there were skeletons everywhere and that could mean traps. I mean death traps.  Traps that lead to death. I saw a trip wire. I would have to pull it out to find out what would happen.  It wobbled, and a lava pit opened up through the floor.  I avoided it, grabbed the pencil, but fell into lava.

Joe's 100 Word Challenge Week 34

I was walking home one day, when I fell over and landed in a dark alley.  The coldness made me shiver as I began to stand up.  The stench of garbage lingered in the air.  My nose crincled up as the smell was unbearable.  I stumbled towards the exit but suddenly I saw a shadow cover my escape from this dingy, lifeless place.
He pulled out something shiny.  He crept closer, never lowering his weapon.  It felt like we came face to face he was that close but then he lunged forward and sank the knife into my heart. Only one question remained in my head. Why?

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The year 6 leavers hoodies!

Our class and the Chestnut ( click here ) year sixes are leaving primary school in six weeks. So, to celebrate, we have all got a purple, red, or white leavers hoodie, with all of our names on the back. The names are shaped neatly in a 12 to emphasise that the year sixes are leaving in the eventful year of 2012. As the year six hoodie-fashion is sweeping across the oldest children, we have taken a photo of them. All of our class (Maple) had to pose for a picture with our backs to the camera. (See pictures below.)

What do you think of our super-stylish hoodies?
Please comment below.

By Rosie, Greg and Franny.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Maple Manifestos

We have been looking at the Holstee Manifesto. This was written by the american Holstee company as a reminder of what they live for. We have written our own versions of this and have felt really inspired by them.

Have a read of some of them.....we hope you are inspired too.