Thursday, 14 June 2012

The year 6 leavers hoodies!

Our class and the Chestnut ( click here ) year sixes are leaving primary school in six weeks. So, to celebrate, we have all got a purple, red, or white leavers hoodie, with all of our names on the back. The names are shaped neatly in a 12 to emphasise that the year sixes are leaving in the eventful year of 2012. As the year six hoodie-fashion is sweeping across the oldest children, we have taken a photo of them. All of our class (Maple) had to pose for a picture with our backs to the camera. (See pictures below.)

What do you think of our super-stylish hoodies?
Please comment below.

By Rosie, Greg and Franny.


  1. Very stylish, Maple! :-)

  2. I think you all look great in your hoodies. It really sets you apart from the rest of the school. You all look so grown up and I can't believe that you will all be leaving so soon! Make the most of the weeks you have left.
    Great blog post.
    Mrs P

  3. Sadly, I can see the photos but I bet (by the sound of them) they are great! I will be distraught when I leave as Mrs Duxbury is our teacher and is the best teacher you could ever wish for.
    Luckily, I get to stay with my close friend, Megan as we are both going to the same school. Hopefully, we will all stay in touch and you will with your friends,too! If I am correct, I think we are getting them too! They will be different colours, though! I would like a purple one!
    Thanks for being great bloggers!
    From Emilia at

      From Emilia

  4. Them hoodies sound really comfortable.Its sad that your year 6 have to go, but remember to always think positive a look on the bright side!

  5. I love the idea of haveing hoodies in 6d and 6w we are having hoodies too. I hope you enjoy your hoodies. Will you keep them forever?

    From Tomasso

  6. Hello,
    we are leaving this year at our primary school too and I'm going to miss all of my friends. We are having some leavers hoodies aswell but we have to buy them. I hope you enjoy the rest of your last year in primary school.
    From Chloe at High Lawn Primary School.

  7. Awww... Its sad how you are leaving primary school soon like us. wea re also make T-shirts/ Hoodies to go on PGL with.
    Best of Luck
    Luke B

  8. Hello,
    We will be having leavers hodies aswell as you. Sadly on my computer I cant see the photos but I bet they look brilliant. There will be all different kinds of coulors that we will be getting. I will be upset when I leave and my hoodie will bring back memories to me.

    Hannah High Lawn

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  9. Mrs Conway 6JC Miriam Lord17 June 2012 at 20:33

    I think that Year 6 hoodies are a fantastic idea. I am a Year 6 teacher at Miriam Lord and I am going to tell my headteacher about them.

  10. I like the year 6 hoodies they are a great idea especially to remember all of the people which you had in the last year of primary school together.I wish that when I leave year6 we could do that.I am starting year 6 in September.What we usally do is the year 6's come to every class with pens and they can sign there socks or shirts.And they are allowed to bring camera's ipod's,I phones and any other thing's to take pictures of school friends,Teachers and classmates.

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