Monday, 18 June 2012

Michael's 100 Word Challenge Week 34

One casual day I was walking down the street and suddenly I saw a man mugging a frail old lady! I couldn't help but go over to the phone box and call the police, SWAT team, Someone! When they picked up the phone I shouted down to the officer.  Quick help someone's being mugged! The police woman kept calm about the situation.  I was so angry about that. Suddenly I ran towards him. He started to run away.  I chased and chased but he was to fast for me.  I got in my car and saw him pull out a gun. BANG! Goodbye.


  1. Hi Michael! I really like the story of the theif and the old lady. I Really like the description at the end It's really dramatic.

    keep up the good work Aran!

  2. I enjoyed this story because it hase good desciption and it hase a dramatic ending. Nice work Michael.