Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Time Spirit that lurked in the Woods - Video by Jack, Greg and Tess

This is a video that Jack B, Greg and I (Tess) have been working on. It is a fantasy/ Horror about a Time Spirit (a spirit that dies if time is too complex around it.) that needs a body to stay alive. It chases an innocent young futurgram (a type of immortal that dreams about the future) called Tessa. They go all around the woods in two different time periods.
There are two extras in the movie, they are Jack N and Rosie.

It was created on an iPad using the 8mm vintage camera app, Splice and iMovie.
Want to know more? Take a look:

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  1. Our video look so cool! Greg and Tessa did some great acting, and the apps on the iPad made the video look great!
    Jack B