Monday, 18 June 2012

Joe's 100 Word Challenge Week 34

I was walking home one day, when I fell over and landed in a dark alley.  The coldness made me shiver as I began to stand up.  The stench of garbage lingered in the air.  My nose crincled up as the smell was unbearable.  I stumbled towards the exit but suddenly I saw a shadow cover my escape from this dingy, lifeless place.
He pulled out something shiny.  He crept closer, never lowering his weapon.  It felt like we came face to face he was that close but then he lunged forward and sank the knife into my heart. Only one question remained in my head. Why?


  1. Wow Joe! What a powerful story, full of tension. You have used some excellent vocabulary such as 'the stench of garbage lingered in the air.' Great work this week.
    Mrs Prior

  2. Joe that is fantastic descriptive writing. It allows the reader to use great visualisation. It certainly has a tragic ending. Well done and thanks for sharing your work.
    Mrs Verona Gridley