Friday, 18 May 2012

Francesca's 100 Word Challenge Week 31

Hotel Monkey.

“At last Moby,” I said excitedly. “We’ve found it!” It was the world’s first, top secret monkey hotel, a cool and modern home for monkeys around the jungle. The hotel was massive, but only had one floor, and the monkeys were treated like humans. “Look Moby,” I said laughing, “The monkeys are having room service, and the bell boys are monkeys!”
            Something was wrong. There were bright lights streaming out of the windows of the hotel. Monkeys came rushing out of the hotel, and ran up the hill to where me and Moby were standing. BAM! Monkeys flew everywhere…


  1. Hi francesca, I liked your 100wc and I liked the different words you had used and I liked were you went with your story. Well done

  2. hi francesca i love the way your and writin and you pugwayshon i verry good well done :)xx

  3. That was the last thing I expected Tim & Moby to find! LOL. The hotel sounds awesome and you've really made me worried about what's going to happen to our dynamic duo next. Great idea and great writing!

  4. Hi Fran,

    I realy like how you said the monkeys treated like humans and how you said that the bell boys were monkeys.

    From Jess