Friday, 18 May 2012

Tessa's 100 Word Challenge Week 31

Tears of Gold.

“We’ve finally found it Moby!” I squealed. After months of searching, we had finally found the mask of Anubis. It glowed a tremendous gold, in the orchard green forest. It was from ancient Egypt. It was said that at a funeral of a Pharaoh it (when worn) would weep tears of gold, and I had found it! But now I had an excruciating choice. Keep it for myself –and tears of gold-, or sell it for millions? Well before I made that decision I would have to make it home. Uh-oh I’d forgotten the way! Would we die out here?...  


  1. Hi Tess
    i love your 100 wc! i love the bit were you put
    it glowed a tremendous gold in the orchard green forest. I like thew way you have used - a lot in your writing. you are amazing writer.
    keep up the good work!!!

  2. Hi Tessa,

    Imagine finding an Egyptian mask, worn by Anubis himself! Was he the one with the dog or crocodile head, we can never remember?

    We really like the sentence "It glowed a tremendous gold, in the orchard green forest". Great use of colour to help the reader picture the scene.

    Tim & Moby

  3. Great use of vocabulary here Tess. I can see that you are trying to use a range of punctuation too. You have thought of a really unusual idea for your story and used the prompt in an imaginative way. Uplevel this by thinking of a wider range of sentence openings.
    Well done.
    Super work as always!

    Mrs P