Thursday, 10 May 2012

Olivia's 100 Word Challenge Week 30

Splash! I fell straight into the slushy mess. “It's good but it still needs something,” I thought. “Now what do I need?” I thought my very hardest until I came up with what I thought my gross, goo bath needed. “Ah ha, I’ve got it,” I shouted “worms that’s perfect.” Hurriedly, I got out of the disgusting bath and rushed into the garden with a trowel and began to dig for my final ingredient. In the end, I found twenty four fat, filthy worms. I chucked them into my revolting bath. “This will make me into a millionaire,” I chuckled.



  1. Rebecca and Jess11 May 2012 at 08:53

    Hi Olivia,
    We really liked your 100 word challenge!
    We liked how you used flithy fat worms.

    From Jess and Rebecca

  2. I really like your 100 word challenge Olivia. I like the sentence where it says I found twenty four fat,filthy worms.

  3. Good 100 word challenge very good use of punctuation you have really tried hard on this peice of writting

  4. I really like your unusual way of using the prompt Olivia. I don't think I'd like to take one of your baths though!
    Super work.
    Mrs P

  5. Mr Kenyon - Team 100wc13 May 2012 at 17:49

    Well look which 100wc I've been given to comment on this week! This is a lovely, but totally disgusting 100wc entry - well done! I wonder how it will make you a millionaire? Maybe you'll sell it in Boots?

    I think Mrs P will be very pleased with the variety of vocabulary and sentence types you have used here - I think you should get her a bottle of the mixture to celebrate!
    Mr K :-)

  6. Good job Olivia I liked your 100 word challenge!
    Keep up the good work!