Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rebecca's 100 Word Challenge Week 28

The Lemon turtle

The lemon turtle is an endangered herbivore (it only eats plants.) It will eat almost any plant! These animals live in lemon water, by water reeds and Lily pads.

The lemon turtle has a bright florescence yellow shell, with a cool black lemon. Its body is a murky brown, so it can blend in. The average size of a lemon turtle is 35 centimetres, however the babies are only ten centimetres.

This turtle is endangered due to habit loss, and hunters hunting them for food and there amazing lemon shells. There shells are used for cups and bowls!

But do these lemon turtles have a bright future? 


  1. I love your question at the end Rebecca! It really involves your readers with your writing. I'm wondering if there is such a creature as a lemon turtle. you certainly know a great deal about them!

  2. They may be yellow but I don't think they have a bright future. A super descriptive piece of writing Rebecca. Mrs Daly-Smith

  3. Great job Rebecca! I felt as if I could clearly see what a lemon turtle looks like and how it lives. I loved how you used some very descriptive words, and I thought the way you ended with a question was very creative. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hello Rebecca. You have created a lovely, unusual creature. Well done. I have a picture in my mind because you have described the lemon turtle very clearly.
    To make your writing even better check your spellings, especially those tricky ones - there, they're and their.
    Keep writing!

  5. Hi Rebecca. This sounds so realistic that I could believe the Lemon Turtle is real. I can see you have put a lot of thought and effort into this. Well done and thank you for sharing it.

  6. Hi Becca I really enjoyed you descriptive writing and I especially liked it when you said 'But do these lemon turtles have a bright future?'

    Franny :D

  7. really good 100 wc Rebecca keep up the good work

  8. hi rebeca we really liked your lemon turtle because it sounded a cool animal
    by Kate and Eleanor

  9. Hi Rebecca that really good.I love the ldea of lemon water and a lemon turtal.