Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bookfest Book Awards Ceremony

Today we went to the Theatre Severn for the Bookfest Book Awards Ceremony. Four children from our class made a speech on the stage. We all got to meet the authors and some autographs were signed.
Here is a video: (sorry about the sound, its a bit quiet!)
By Jack B


  1. Didn't we have a great morning?! It was such fun to share our love of reading with all the other schools. Even better, to meet our favourite author - Fiona Dunbar! This made Rosie cry with happiness, how lovely.
    Thank you to our children who wrote the speech and delivered it so eloquently.
    Well done everyone!
    Mrs P

  2. That was so fun! I just got there just in time to meet Fiona and I've commented on her blog to say how much I enjoyed it!

  3. A very special moment seeing our children on school presenting their work so confidently, the brilliant Blogs and even better presenting the award to the winning author.
    How fantastic for Rosie, a hug from the author who wrote her favourite book and has been blogging with her- special moment.
    Well done Greenfields very proud of you!

  4. Hello Maple Class. I think your speeches were really good and you were so confident - well done. I've really enjoyed reading your blog tonight, especially the posts about the Bookfest as we're hoping to set up a project in Suffolk with children from different schools using blogs to record their thoughts about books they've read. You have given me lots of ideas about how they could do it - thank you!

  5. It was a wonderful morning and meeting Fiona Dunbar was brilliant and getting her autograph was magiencent
    From Ella

  6. Hi everyone is Aran. The bookfest was great, and it was really interesting to find out what influenced the authors to write the books that we have been reading over the past 6 months. I hope that everyone had a good time.

    see you soon!

  7. Jack B and Mitchell27 April 2012 at 13:41

    I loved our bookfest experience including and I (Mitchell)got up on stage with my hands shaking and peformed a speech. I (Jack B) was sitting in the audience with a camera filming away. I loved the experience too and have enjoyed reading some of the books. The awards ceremony was awesome and the speeches were excellent!

    Jack B and Mitchell

  8. I'd like to say how very impressed I was by all the pupils from Greenfields who came onto stage to share your blog with an audience of over 600 children! Well done, you are all a credit to Greenfields and should be very proud of what you did. Keep blogging

  9. The Awards Ceremony was a truly wonderful occasion. It is inspiring seeing so many youngsters sharing their love of books!

    I would like to thank the Greenfields scholars who took part in the presentation, to congratulate all those pupils who contribute to this terrific blog, and to send my best wishes to everyone at the school.


  10. Prawnsandhummus3 May 2012 at 20:06

    Hey guys! I'm the child that was first to speak! It was really nerve-wracking to go up on the stage but the applauds and well dones were extremely rewarding! Also, congratulations to Liz Pichon; lots of people in class loved Tom Gates and we all hope you continue to write books!