Friday, 20 April 2012

Jack B's 100 Word Challenge Week 27

Buisness  was suffering for Graham.  Only fifty four people visited his zoo on Saturday. "This is the only zoo in the country with a dragon in!" he cried, banging his head on the table.  Miserably he looked on the internet for ideas. Then he had it!  Scaly-beast Slush Puppies! Everyone loves these refreshing ice-cream drinks. He bought a machine. And trained his dragon to stir them.  The dragon slowly stirred. Unfortunately the mythical creature dribbled in the mixing bowl....
The next day, Graham proudly re-opened the zoo. The slush-puppies were an instant hit. But when the visitors drank them, they all collapsed....and died....


  1. Hi Jack
    I loved your 100 word challenge and I thought how the dragon stirred the mixture. Suddenly whoever drank the slush puppies died, what a twist to the end.
    From Ella

  2. Wow Jack! That was amazing! I cant think of any more ways to improve it. i liked at the end how you used ellipsis twice near the end! good ending for a 100WC! 100/10!

    Jack N

  3. Great 100 WC Jack. I think the humour comes across really well in your story. I don't think I will be eating any Scaly-beast slushies anytime soon. Great effort with your punctuation today.
    Keep up this super work.
    Mrs P

    1. Hi Mrs Prior
      Thanks for the comment!
      My idea for this came from the film 'The Zoo Keeper'

  4. Hi Jack. This is a wonderfully imaginative piece of writing. I love the idea of Scaly-beast Slush Puppies and of the dragon being the one to make them.

    I also thought your opening sentence was very mature - it's hard to believe that you are only Year 6.

    Thank you for sharing this story. It's really brightened up my day.

  5. Hello Jack. What an original use of the prompt. I loved reading your post. you have used a wide variety of sentence openers and your punctuation use it excellent. Well Done!

  6. a good 100 word chalange we like the way you say that its in a zoo

    jay and matty