Friday, 20 April 2012

Our new School Website!

Our new School Website is awesome! Its been revamped from the old one and looks stunning.
Here is a advert made by Jack B:

Have fun!
Follow this link: or click on the logo at the side of the blog.


  1. What a fantastic poster for the new website, Jack! What software did you use to make it?
    Mr K :-)

    1. Hi Maple Class,

      My name is Mr G and I am a teacher at Harmony Primary School, Australia. Thanks for visiting our blog (!

      I've been on your new school webpage and it looks impressive. Jack, well done on a fantastic poster mate! What program did you use to make it?

      We hope that you visit our blog again soon.

      Mr G

    2. Hi from the United Kingdom!
      Thanks for the wonderful comment.
      I used Microsoft Publisher to make the poster.
      Jack B

  2. I think your new website look fantastic! It is extremely eye-catching and the photographs capture a scene of what your school must be like. It looks great.

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  3. Well done Jack, excellent poster for our great new look website. What will we do without you next year!

  4. Wow! Thanks Jack! The new school website rocks! And good Poster to advertise it on our blog. How did you make that?

    Jack N and Alex