Friday, 27 April 2012

We Love Livewriting!

Last night we took part in a live writing session.  Have a read of our amazing work we produced. Click to open up the book.......


  1. Wow! This is amazing! Everyone has done really well with their stories from the Livewriting. A very good presentation layout, too.

    Jack N

  2. Prawnsandhummus27 April 2012 at 13:29

    Jack B, your description and punctuation is great and your style of writing that is full of onomatopeias is brilliant. Rosie's storyline is really imaginative and different. The short sentence at the end of Rebbecca's makes an excellent ending! However, everyone's is AMAZING!!!!

    1. Hi Prawnsandhummus,
      Thank you!

  3. wow everyone! who's story from the live writing got into the book, my story is on there aswell. and all the people from all the schools who was on the live writing there story's were amazing!!!! from kyle and liam

  4. I love everyone's writing! I really enjoyed doing it but I was amazed at how Arturs has used such good vocabulary (eg.crunching leaves) being as englishis his second language!

  5. Hi Maple class,
    I loved the live writing last night!
    I really enjoyed it.
    Also everyone's storys were azaming.
    I thought Jack B used really good punctuation.
    And I liked how Greg used a question aswell.
    I loved Rosie's ending to the story.

    From Rebecca

  6. Wow! This is an amazing standard of writing guys, I am really impressed at how well you can write stories at just Y6! I could tell just how much effort everyone had put into their own story and the vocabulary that you all used was incredible. I was particularly impressed with Rosie's, you were very original with your story line and I found it very exciting to read - I don't think I could write like that! Keep it up guys, my Mum (Mrs Prior) is so proud of you and your blog! :)

  7. I was here with Mitch when you were all doing the live writing, it was mad but brilliant! We've read them all, you all have such different imaginations, all of you made the scene so real! Made me want to join in! Well done

  8. I like your storie tess and olivia but you repeated:I was strong even though a big chunk was ripped out of my life

  9. What execellent pieces of writing I felt I was there. Great Mrs Daly-Smith

  10. Hello, I love your pieces of writing! How did you think of all this? I especially like Rebeccas as it is full of tension and very descriptive! I love all your openers and I just LOVE your work!
    Keep it up!
    From Emilia!