Friday, 20 April 2012

Tessa's 100 Word Challenge Week 27

The dragon slowly stirred the evil potion. I would have done something but I was tied up (long story) ! I would have said something as well but my mouth was taped shut -good choice- ! Struggling, I tried  to free myself, no success. Finally I ripped my tape off.
"You'll never get away with this" I screamed. Wrong move. He roared so loud, that it almost deafened me. Fortunately for him, that shut me up.

Suddenly my rope ripped. I freed myself and he roared with defeat. I sprinkled fairy dust (even longer story) in the potion and ran away. The last thing I remember...


  1. Great story Tess. I like how you keep your reader guessing with your words in brackets. I also love your take on the word 'stirred'. I wonder where the fairy dust comes from and what happens next.
    Well done.
    Mrs P

  2. what a great story tessa this is like a cliff hangar at the end (the last thing i remember...) keep it up tessa

    luke :)

  3. What a fantastic story you have created Tessa! You have used ing and ly words to start the sentence. Also you used brackets which is level 5 punctuation. I would love to find out what will happen next as you have left the story on a cliff hanger.
    Well done!
    From your blogging friends at

  4. Hello Tessa,

    Wow, what a fabulous story. You have put the challenge prompt to good use with your unique opening sentence and left your audience wondering who exactly your main character might be and what the next instalment might bring.

    Thank you for sharing your work with 100wc.

    Mrs Shaw(Team100wc)