Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Maple Leaf

Our new class symbol! As well as being the national symbol of Canada, the Maple Leaf is the symbol for our class.  What does it mean to you to be in Maple Class?

Mrs P


  1. Hi this is Ashley Canada I've always wanted to go I hope do some time but this blog is getting on well now

  2. I love being in Maple class, it makes me feel like I'm the top of the school! But, it can make me worry a bit, sometimes. Anyway, I love Maple class!!!!!

  3. hi maple
    I think being in maple class is amazing!
    I think Mrs. Prior is the best teacher ever. i love being in the class. There would be nothing to change. i love being in the class.

  4. Hi!
    I love being in Maple Class! The Maple leaf is very cool, I have seen a few in real life. I like Mrs Prior, the class wouldnt be the same without her!!!!

    Jack B

  5. Maple class is really fun I couldn't be in a better yr 6 class! I love the new symbol and we're always getting up to something fun! :D

  6. I love maple class! it is amazing. good work, awesome teacher, and nice classmates

    from mitchell

  7. i realy like the maple leaf i would like to go to Canada to ashley. I read about Canada and the Maple leaf it's realy intresting. by Joe :-)

  8. Hi
    I would'nt change
    anything are class
    and mrs Prior is the best
    teacher ever
    From Becca