Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Book review on The Case of the Deadly Desperados by Caroline Lawrence

This book had its ups and downs. At first for me it was a little boring and hard to get into, but it did get better the further in you got. It was a little gory but it did suit the book.
      In the book there were surprises and a lot of cunning plans. The characters were all different with different personalities.
       The book got more adventurous the more you read. The case of the deadly desperados was excellent for visualising. You can really get a feel for where you are.
      My favourite part of the book had to be all of it! I couldn’t pick a favourite part as most of the book was action- packed and exciting.
       I would say that this book- or any- needs to be stuck at don’t stop reading because you don’t like it, in fact if you don’t like it read it more!
 by Tess


  1. Hi
    I really liked Tessa's
    book review and I really
    enjoyed reading it
    From Becca

  2. Thank you for your nice and honest review, Tess! :-) If you liked The Case of the Deadly Desperados you might also like my Roman Mysteries books.

    1. WOW Caroline Lawrence I cannot belive you are on our blog. I am definitley going to read your roman mysterys book

      From your BIGGEST fan Toby

    2. Caroline Lawrence, it's so wonderful that you've commented on our blog! Practically the whole class loves the case of the deadly desperados! I am halfway through it and I simply love it! The atmosphere of the the book takes you into a wonderful, clear world of mystery and excitement and the old American language is brilliant, it makes me realise that the world has changed so much but things that you'd think are new are actually old like the pancakes, maple syrup and bacon that P.K and the news journalist were eating. My favourite character is Belle because she's full of suprises but deep down she's quite sad and lonely.

      I'd love to read your Roman mysteries but unfortunately, I can't find them anywhere!

    3. Hi guys, the 17 books in my Roman Mysteries series are EVERYWHERE! They are getting brand new covers so a few might be hard to get but the first one, The Thieves of Ostia, is out in abundance. Ask your local bookseller or go to Amazon. You can also get them all on Kindle for your Kindle, iPad or iPhone. :-) Check out my BOOKS page.