Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bookfest Book Awards!

We are reading a set of six books which have been shortlisted to win an award in April.  We have six copies of each of the books which we are frantically reading and passing around.  The books are all fascinating to read but are all quite different.  Some are better than others but we all have our own opinions!!

Which book takes your fancy?  Have you read any?  Let us know what you think...

These six titles are called:

Divine Freaks by Fiona Dunbar

Hey, I'm Kitty Slade just your average normal girl, doing, you know, normal stuff. Got a brother  (annoying) got a sister (quite annoying), got a grandma (she's awesome) Oh yeah, and one more thing, I can see dead people......

The Case of the Deadly Desperados by Caroline Lawrence

My name is PK. Pinkerton and before the day is over, i will be dead.  My parents were scalped and killed a few days ago on my twelth birthday. I came to this lawless town of Virginia city to escape their fate but now I find myself trapped down the deepest shaft of a silver mine with three desperados hot on my trail.  Before they find me, I am going to write this account so you will know what happened and who dunnit.

Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

Never has Aman needed a friend more than when a springer spaniel appears in the mouth of his Afgan cave.  The dog becomes a constant companion, a shadow, and that's what Aman decides to call her. But life becomes more dangerous by the moment.  Eventually, Aman and Shadow find the courage to leave, but how far can Shadow lead them and in his terrifying new world, is anywhere really safe...?

 The Get Rich Quick Club by Rose Impey

This is your lucky day! You have been chosen to join the soon-to-be-world famous Get Rich Quick Club.  So step straight into our offices - you'll have to ignore the rat droppings and disgusting smell.  Then listen and learn my friends!

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by L Pichon

I'm Tom Gates.  When my teachers don't have their beady eyes on me, I like to draw pictures and think of ways to annoy Delia. My teachers think I'm easily distracted and 'lack focus' which is a bit harsh because right now I am very focused on which biscuit I should eat first.....mmmmm.

 Put Out The Light by Terry Deary

It's 1940 and war is under way.
 In Sheffield, England a brother and sister set out to solve a mystery, bravely believing that the air-raid signals are only false alarms.
In Dachau, Germany, two boys come up with bold plan to bring an end to the war and help a Polish prisoner escape.
But when the bombs falling on Sheffield become a reality, and the German boys' plan hurls them unwittingly intot he midst of the action, the children's advenures swiftly becime a terrifying fight to survive.


  1. Hi I love the book 'divine freaks' ive read it and its fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi I've read 'divine freaks' it's a fantastic

  3. Hello maple class
    I love the idea of us in the bookfest award
    I have read most of them only two to go!
    I love Tom gates I read it in one night it is amazing
    My worst book is divine freaks I hated it I didn't even finsh it. It was so boring

  4. hi maple i have read one of you book fest book and i enjoyed it.

    see you later

  5. I read the case of the deadly desperados and it is amazing!!! I would highly reccomend it to people who LOVE reading it has so much detail and the setting is awesome. It is set in a dusty western town and there are three deadly desperados closing in on a boy called pk pinkerton's trail his life is about to change forever!!!

    from mitchell

  6. WOW! Divine freaks is amazing! I suggest to anyone (including boys) who's read this comment to read it now! If you want to find out a little more about Fiona Dunbar's work, try watching the CBBC show Jinx based on one of her series' of books.

  7. Hi Maple
    I think Tom Gates was
    really really good.
    I've nearly finshed
    Divine Freaks and Its
    really good but its a bit boring.
    From Becca

  8. hi maple
    i think the bookfest is a very good idea!i think all six books are good. i have read most of them apart from the one i am reading now
    ( the case of the dd) i thought tom gates was a quick easy read and i finshed it in 20 mins!!! i cant wait till we go to the thearte to see some of the aruthors who wrote the bookfest books.

  9. Hi
    I've read two of the book feast
    books and I cant wait to read
    The Case of the Deadly Desperados
    and Shadow
    From Becca

  10. the bookfest books are really good and I have read them all i only have Shadow to read and i'm already half way through it.

    from olivia

  11. Hi maple I wouldnt recomend reading,The get rich quick club. It was so boring, nothing realy happens in it.
    The books I would like to read is Divine Freaks and Tom gates.
    The book I think is going to win is Divine Freaks because form what I've heard most people love it.

  12. hi Maple
    i am in the middle of the case of the dd it is amazing. the worst bit in the book is when a pair of foster parents get scalped by indians. it was horrible..

  13. I think it has been great for the Year 6's to be involved in this years Bookfest. It really seems to have captured all their imaginations aswell as encouraging them all to get reading! Sasha was completely hooked on 'The Brilliant World of Tom Gates' and finshed reading it in record time. Sarah - Sasha's Mum

  14. Hi maple
    I have only read the Brilliant world of Tom Gates book so far...
    And i recomend this book for ages between 9-10 year olds. It is an easy read and ideal for people who dont like reading books with complicated text.

  15. Hi maple
    I am quite the way through the case of the deadly desperadoes. The more u get into it the best thing happens. At the moment walt's gang is after p.k Pinkerton. I recommend it defentily to stick to it.

  16. hi i like Devin Freaks because it is cool