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Book reviews on Divine Freaks by Fiona Dunbar

Book review of Divine Freaks by Fiona Dunbar
Book style
The style of the book is definitely new to me, going by the styles of the other books that I have read. The first person language is slightly casual but that helps to add to the humour edge that well balances the fear and sympathy in the book. Although I have mentioned some of the themes in the book, it seems there is no particular one that runs through the book but it is good to let the feelings flow around you. Because of the connective in the book, it seems to edge you on, you can’t put it down!

Kitty Slade is the narrator in the story and Fiona Dunbar has portrayed her brave, caring, slightly mischievous nature so well, you fall in love with her throughout the book. (Not literally). She can see ghosts which obviously interrupts her life creating the perfect storyline. Before her phantorama her family life was well… Normal but I love the way the slightly arrogant, loyal, knowledgeable personality of her brother Sam, the cheeky, positive, and naive personality of her sister Flossie and the kind-hearted, persistent and humorous personality of her Grandmother Maro seem to captivate you wonderfully.

What could be improved?
I felt relief a little too much in the book despite the amount of disasters. The cover was too girly but the content isn’t at all.
 by Greg

Divine Freaks is an amazing book about a young girl called Kitty Slade. She is a normal girl except she has one extraordinary ability, that no-one in the world has, she can see ghosts. The book is all about her daring adventure to find out who killed the mysterious previous chemistry teacher, Mr. Divine, after she gets kicked out of school.
          Kitty Slade makes enemies throughout the book and gets suspicious of certain characters. When Kitty hates a character, so do you and you feel empathy for her when she’s sad or lonely.
          The books themes  were spot on! When it was supposed to be funny, it was, or when it was supposed to be surprising it was and so on. It triggered every emotion except for boredom!

Overall my favourite book I’ve read in Bookfest so far is this book. I couldn’t put it down.

By Francesca  

What's the book about?
            This book is about a girl called Kitty Slade who doesn’t ask to but starts seeing ghosts and her grandma said it called a phanterma.

            I think Divine Freaks has got a great readability. If I could mark it one to five I would give it a four because the book has got a little bit of Greek in it I didn’t understand.
            I think Divine Freaks is a thriller and it takes you off the edge of your seat. And it sometimes makes you laugh and sometimes it can be a bit scary.
            Finally I would like to say that you should buy this book and all the series.
 by Ella


  1. Hi Maple
    Great book reviews on devine freaks
    I have really liked the sound of this book from the start and can't wait to read it.
    Reading these comments make me want to read it even more!

  2. Hi maple
    I love the book reviews they r great.!
    I like the questions like who is your fav character?
    I love the bookfest! Sashax

    1. mine is kitty slade the main character
      from ella

  3. Hi
    I really really really
    liked the Divine Freaks
    book reviews I really
    enjoyed reading them
    From Becca

  4. It's great to read all your fantastic reviews and comments about the Bookfest Book Award 2012 shortlist. We're really pleased that you're having such a good time reading all the books. It looks like it's going to be hard to tell which book will end up winning - we'll keep an eye on your poll!

    I went into Longnor Primary School yesterday – the school that put forward ‘Divine Freaks’ for the shortlist, which looks likes the front runner in your class at the moment. Lots of the children there love ‘The Case of the Deadly Desperados’! Thank you for putting it forward for the shortlist!

    Happy reading!

    Annabel Warburg (one of the Shrewsbury Bookfest Book Award Coordinators)

  5. Hi Maple Class,

    What great book reviews! They have tempted me to go out and get 'Divine Freaks' for my own children, so I can see what they think of it too.

    Keep blogging!

    From SchoolDuggery (a school governor who lives in Suffolk)

  6. Hi maple
    I think te book reviews like Elisha says wont to make you read them more and more. Once hearing what the book is about at the end I won't to read it again

  7. I love divine freaks so much that I got the whole series for my birthday, Its fantastic.

  8. Thanks to Greg, Francesca and Ella for your very well-written and informative reviews! I'm delighted so many of you are enjoying the book. Have a great World Book Day – and don't forget to send me a picture if you dress as Kittl Slade!

  9. Fiona Dunbar, I am incredibly pleased that you commented on the book reviews! Iv'e read Fire and Roses and the story is brilliant! There are so many clues and the atmosphere in the book is wonderful!

    On world book day I'm dressing up as Sam in Divine Freaks; I'm wearing a cast on my leg and just a plain button shirt, I will send you a photo.

    Thankyou for reading my review and I hope you took it in. I'll try to finish Fire and Roses as soon as possible but I would like to continue reading the other bookfest books. Despite the fact I ADOOOORED Divine Freaks, The Case of the Deadly Desparados is becoming some tough competition. (Sorry).