Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wall 1 Blog ideas


  1. Hi maple
    I think it would good if we put a link to the website to get all the sats from because after manor they will be coming up soon!! I think that is a good idea about putting a bookfest link to. Sasha

  2. This wall is a good idea to give you some ideas for the blog. Rhi Rhi

  3. Hi maple class
    I think the wall is a good idea to give ideas what we want on the blog!! Also it is a way for mrs.prior to talk to us as well!! Sashax

  4. Hi Maple,
    This is my first visit to our class blog and I am quite proud of myself to have been able to find it and to post a comment, as I am not very good at this kind of thing. The book reviews and 100 word challenges are really good and I think Mrs Prior mini me is amazing.
    Mrs Coupland