Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Book Reviews on The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by L Pichon

I thought that Tom Gates was alright it was a easy and quick read. I thought that the characters were good,I could tell who was speaking. I personally liked Tom. I thought he was quite funny and he was quite entertaining. The story line was pritty good,It made sense and I could tell where they were.  They all together  were funny. Some of the characters get on your nervs like Marcus. Marcus is like one of those people who winds you up and then you say somthig back and then they get you into troble a bit like a teachers pet. One thing I would change about Tom Gates is the font of the writing. It is too easy if a twelve to fourteen year old piked this book up and they looked at the first page they would think it is a book for three year olds when it isn't  it's for about twelve to thirteen year olds. I recomend this book to yrar three to year eight. Toms sister is  sneaky and slimey (LAZY!). I think Tom is a bit like me his sister always winding him up.

By Matty 

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates is an amazing comic-like story, with an amazing comic-like cover. If you have ever read a diary style book, then this is the purchase for you, as it is super funny, comic like, pictureable and a bit weird. The storyline is great, with maps of places, e.g. where Tom lives. Tom is a normal boy, that is good at drawing and likes making and listening to music. His best friend has a dog, so Tom’s sister runs away as she is allergic to dogs. Tom’s favourite band is dude3 and he sees them at the end of the book with his teacher, Mr. fullerman. I’d recommend this book to anyone who has a great sence of humour and likes to read. I think tom should have a pet. 
By Jack N


Tom Gates is a copy of the diary of the wimpy kid if you know what that book is but in a different style. Tom gates is basically a diary of his life from day-day and what things he’s doing each day. But then his life went miserable in school but there is 1 person that makes him happy.


The themes in Tom Gates are happy themes and the emotions are mostly positive except from his sister Delia and she is annoying. He tells a good story about a kid's life that’s what I think from my personal view. The emotions are all over the place at one point.

Favourite character

My favourite character is the main character Tom Gates he’s funny and the way he speaks to people and the language he uses.


The readability is for year 5 and 4. I would say it very easy to read that’s why I recommended it to younger children and the language is basic but quite funny and there's not many tricky words.

I think nothing can be improved I would recommended this to age 7-11 years old. 

By Luke

Who is your favourite character?
My favourite character is tom gates because he always plays sneaky pranks on his sister Delia, but Delia always gets tom back. Tom loves his music. His favourite band is called Dude 3 and his dream is to become famous like them so he and his best friend Derrick have made up a band and named it Dog Zombies.

What is the book about?
The book is about Tom Gate’s every day life. Tom loves annoying his sister; he makes all strange and wired excuses to his teacher Mr Fullerman because he forgets to bring his homework in on-time. Tom loves drawing and doodling in class.   
By Elisha


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  3. Hi Maple Class!! This is the first time i have had a proper read of all the book reviews, and your 100 word challenges- they are all excellent! You are so lucky to have this blog, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to during your last few months at Greenfields, and your eagerly-awaited trip to Manor. Well done ! Mandy (Jack B's mum)

  4. well done elisha a great book review

  5. From what most people have said about Tom Gates, it seems like a love it or hate it book. I don't really think I would enjoy to much because it doesn't join very well, there's not a storyline to hold it together.

    Most of the reviews stated that Tom Gates is more of a detailed comic so that's another reason why I don't think it's my kind of book.