Friday, 10 February 2012

What if....?

We have been using our thinking skills. We looked at the idea of 'What if? 
Watch this....


  1. I love the bookfest books they are all really good I think that there is a book for everyone in the six books we had. It really got me into books I never thought I would pick up in a book store like the books with covers that look boyish but are for both boys and girls and vise versa.

  2. I really don't want the sun to stop shining now! Although we would still have the stars... Thanks Tess Aran and Mitchell, they were great!

  3. Awwwwwwwww. I was ill that day! Great video though. I loved your writing it really got me thinking! :3

  4. Hi!
    Im likeing the writing! They are awesome! I also like the video because I filmed it!!!!!!!

    Jack B

  5. Hi its Ashley this video is great!!! well done guys hope we get more stuff on the blog but it is becoming amazing now!

  6. hi Maple
    i think the vidio is a really good way of showing what our what ifs are. i like the ones what are really good and fab! sashax

  7. chicken u pasted the wrong comment on the wrong thithg lolololol
    By Anonymous lol

  8. well done everyone on the video it turned out really good ! but if they do it next time they need microphones to make it more louder.

  9. Hi
    I really enjoyed
    listening to the
    whats ifs and they
    were really good as
    From Becca