Friday, 30 March 2012

Sasha's 100 Word Challenge Week 26

Ellie was very excited when Mrs May gave out the homework. It was all about chocolate. Her heart sank when she realized she had to make a chocolate statue of her pet. “OH NO!” she thought, “I have no pet”. Ellie asked her mum what she should do. Her mum said, “Don’t worry make a statue of Bobby the wild rabbit who visits the garden”. Ellie cheered up and set to work. The chocolate statue of Bobby looked fantastic. She was sure to win!
 Judging day arrived. Mrs May enquired as to where Ellie’s homework was. She replied “The chocolate rabbit melted in the sun.” 


  1. wow sasha you used a lot of great description and it was very imaginative.I like the part where ellie makes a statue of the rabbit that visits her garden

    meg in chestnut class

  2. Kathy @ Team 100WC3 April 2012 at 22:49

    Great story Sasha! You were able to tell so much in your story by using so few words. I love the plot of your story; very imaginative.