Friday, 30 March 2012

Jack B's Video Tutorial

Are you confused how to sign in?
The bar on the top of our blog has disappeared for security reasons.
Therefore, I have made a video on how to sign in now and leave a comment.
By Jack B 


  1. Brilliant, Jack! What software/website did you use to record your screen? Also, make sure you're an expert in Sketchup so that you can help me, Mrs P and Miss L after Easter!
    Mr K :-)

    1. Dont worry Mr K, I am an complete expert in SketchUp! Ive even designed my own cars in there!

      The program is called: Free screen to Video
      I also use one called Debut.

  2. Well done, Jack! You must be proud of your finished product. I'm sure for people who log in to your blog, this video will help solve any problems.

    Mr Hayslop
    Bradford Moor Primary School