Monday, 19 March 2012

Matty M's 100 Word Challenge Week 24

Ding Dong! went the  sound of my door  bell. I glanced out the window to see if it was it was my two best friends in the school Luke and Kyle . I went to the door, opened it and Kyle said “are you playing out?”
I replied “yes be there in a minute gotta put my trainers on.”
I dashed towards the shoe cupboard and carefully pulled out my lovely Nike trainers not knowing there was a white spider pushed up agents the wall. I was petrified. Then ever so close there was a little hole where about fifty spiders were crawling out of.


  1. Hi matty
    I really like your 100 wc! I think you have used good words like glanced and petrified! Well done!
    From sassy spider x

  2. Hi, I like your 100wc but you are missing some capital letters and some punctuation.

  3. Hi Matty

    Your 100 wc, i thought was a success

    well done!!!

    from Devil$$$

  4. That sounds creepy! Great story matty I bet Luke and Kyle were pleased you said they were your best friends! Pandagirl out :3

  5. nice spider story

  6. Not too much wrong with your punctuation Matt.Well done for getting on the blog,a really good piece of writing keep it up love from Charl xxx

  7. wow that was amazing matty i like your punctuation i like the word glanced and petrified keep up this amazing work from kyle

  8. well done on your 100 word challenge Matt. i like the bit where you said about kyle and luke