Monday, 19 March 2012

Francesca's 100 word challenge Week 24

The White Spiders. 

Have you ever seen a spider that is so white it is almost invisible? Well I have, in fact I haven’t just seen one or two, I’ve seen FIFTY little white spiders that crawl so fast they look like a miniature white blurs, zooming round the floor. This is the story how… On Monday, last week, I was walking to school when I saw two little white blurs racing past my feet at top speed. How peculiar! Then, all of a sudden, forty-eight small blurs started climbing up my leg. Carefully I pushed them off my leg but one bit me. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Well I do comments for the 100wc and look who's I've been given!!!

    You've used that tricky prompt well, Franny - well done. Although I do hate the idea of spiders crawling around everywhere - ugh! Do always make sure that you check through your work for any small mistakes - eg: 'a miniature white blurs'.

    I hope the spider's bite didn't hurt too much! Keep on blogging, Franny!
    Mr K :-)

  2. Hi Fran
    I really enjoyed your 100 wc when you read it out! I could really imagine the picture. You have used all the promt words in your story! Well done Fran!!!!
    From sassy spider x

  3. Well Franny. I like your 100wc, infact I love it but, like Mr K, that little sentence didn't make sense but other-wise. BRILLIANT.

  4. Hi Fran
    I really like your 100 wc! Fancy having mr Kenyon leaving you a comment! One thing to improve is to check your work because one sentence dosen't make sence apart from that it was amazing!! Sasha

  5. Prawnsandhummus23 March 2012 at 08:10

    Franny that was amazing! I adore the description of the spiders. Keep writing!

  6. Hi Fran
    I realy like how you discribed that the white spiders were so white they were almost invisible from Jess