Thursday, 29 March 2012

Jack B's 100 Word Challenge Week 26

The sun shone through the tree. Easter wasn’t normally like this, 27 degrees C, so I had to make the most of this rare occasion. I sat at the side of the quiet road with a picnic blanket on the floor and lots of food. An anxious-looking man approached me. I wondered what he wanted.
“Excuse me, could you help me?” he said.
“I’ve lost my car keys and can’t  get in!” 
I left my Easter chocolate bunny on the path, took my hammer and smashed the window.
“Thanks!” he said gleefully. I returned to my picnic. Disaster had struck…
…the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun…


  1. Well done Jack. What a disappointment! You go and help someone in need and then look what happens!! Oh well.
    Nice use of punctuation today.
    Mrs P

    1. Thanks Mrs Prior!
      Its based on a true story from my family. My cousin leaves his sandwich behind to help a friend, and when he comes back it was nicked!

  2. Hi Jack, my name is Dr R from Team 100WC; I enjoyed this tiny anecdote, how funny to learn it's based on a true event... It's all surreal, maybe you could explain why you happened to have a hammer on you, that's unusual for a picnic, even one at Eastertide!

  3. well done jack a really good peice of writing it was full of good punctuation in it i like the bit where it said an anxiuos man approached me that was really good

    from elise in chestnut class