Friday, 9 March 2012

Toby's 100 Word Challenge

"Ahh" I screamed, the tornado wouldn't stop. It had already devoured the town hall. People ran for their lives. My invention was nearly ready, but I didn't have much time as the tornado had already reached five houses away. My machine was simple, as soon as the tornado reached my next-door neighbours house, my machine would suck the tornado into itself. Silently, I crept towards my room were I kept the divise. I took it out and stood outside and waited. It was nearly hear, three, two, one, ZERO. It sucked the tornado into my machine. The weather had changed for the worse.


  1. Hi toby its toby i like my story!!!

  2. Well done Toby
    love your story I wish you had written more but you had to do it in 100 words so it must have been tricky. where did you get the idea?
    from Olivia

  3. Hi Toby
    That was amazing
    I think you thought really hard in this piece of writing!
    I think you could use a bit more connectives but it sounds really really good! I hope a nother one of your 100 wc will be on the blog!!!! Same as Olivia where did you get that idea?? It was amazing

  4. Toby,

    What an exciting approach to the challenge. If only you could create that kind of machine. I lived near a town recently destroyed by tornadoes. It was terrifying. This character was very brave.

    Great job!

  5. Hi, Toby this is a fabulous piece of work, you should be dead proud! I love your imagination of the tornado being sucked into by your machine, the weather sure did change for the worse. Brilliant story! Matthew

  6. like your peice of writing really imagentive toby i really want to hear more from elise in chestnut class

  7. Hi, its Toby, the creator of this 100wc. To be fair it wasn't the best piece of work i have ever done but i still think its good!!!