Thursday, 1 March 2012

The world's biggest blogging project - Feb29th

29 reasons why every child should blog.

As it is the 29th February – a special day, our class has thought of 29 reasons why every class should blog and what blogging means to us.
1. We can post our work and read comments from people we don’t know – Olivia
2. We do all different kinds of work on our blog. – Arturs
3. You can see who’s following you and where they are from. – Matty
4. People can join your blog.
5. Other people can see what you have been doing. – Emily
6. It helps us with our computer skills. – Dylan
7. It tells us more about other schools and they can learn about us. – Jack N
8. We can see everyone’s ideas. – Rebecca
9. We get comments from famous people such as authors.
10. It gets you thinking about your comments. – Mitch
11. Everyone can communicate with each other.
12. It gives information to the world and tells the world what you are thinking. – Kyle and Alex
13. Sometimes it is more interesting reading a blog than reading a book. – Chloe
14. You have fun while learning. – Liam
15. Everyone tries hard to get their work on the blog.
16. You can keep up to date with school even when you are at home and show your parents what you are doing.
17. It helps with our creative writing. – Rosie
18. You can talk to someone in the world without actually meeting them. – Joe
19. You can express yourself. – Jonathan
20. You can communicate with each other and keep up to date with other schools around the world.
21. It is a good skill to have.
22. We can see what others have been doing and get in contact. – Rhiannon and Elisha
23. The flag counter shows us all the people who visit our blog.
24. It is good to see how many people have a blog too. – Sasha
25. You can get ideas from other people’s blogs. – Matty
26. We can post our work and then read the comments from people we don’t know. – Olivia
27. It’s nice to read people’s comments on our 100 word challenge work so we know how to improve next time.
28. It helps with our social skills. – Jack B
29. It connects us to the world. – Tess

So there you have it. These are our reasons. What do YOU think about blogging? How has it inspired you?


  1. All of these are very good and it shows what we think about the blog. It was funny how you have only used 29 sentences on the 29th day of February. Rhiannon. One of them is mine.

  2. WOW! It's nice to see this is the whole class' work. Today I read about a man who celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday even though he was 72!!!!

    Jack B

  3. Great tips maple class. We are really looking forward to blogging.

  4. You have thought of some great reason for blogging. We wrote 29 things that would be on our 'Bucket List'

  5. A brilliant list full of excellent reasons to blog. I particularly like number 25 an that is why I look on so many blogs, to nick some ideas :0)

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  6. Hi everyone!This is Naomi, from Brookburn primary.they were very good reasons.In our class we've done '29 ways to make the world a better place.'but we need 3o ways to make the world a better place.So please reply to our blog and add a number 30!!! :) 8)

  7. Hello everyone! My name is Shabiya, and I am from Brookburn Primary school.
    There was lots of good idea's that i saw, and they where very good one's. I am hoping that you will visit our blog and comment. On our blog we did 29 ways to make the world a better place. Keep it up! :D

  8. Good afternoon Maple class!!
    What a wonderful blog!!!! I have to say that your list of reasons to blog has inspired me to try and find the time to get my class blogging again. It has been a year since we have blogged sadly! Your work is looking fantastic, i particularly like the challenges and create it awards! Superb animation. The little animation of Mrs Prior made me laugh as well. Keep up the good work Year Six! In the next week i will be finding some time for my class to investigate your blog and leave some posts!
    Mr Pugh.

    1. Hi Mr. Pugh
      Its Sasha
      Thank you for saying so good things about our blog. What is your class blog called??
      hope you are ok and having fun!! sasha

  9. Hello,
    Its Naomi again with her two friends Florrie and Hollie who are also from Brookburn.We like 18 and 8 but all of them are amazing and great :)

  10. nice! when you wrote the 29 things about why we should go on the blog from morgan and uygar. p.s. i didnt know that famouse people looked on the blog.

  11. cool i like number 19 and 18 everyones is amazing

  12. Hello,
    I like your 100 world challange.It was very good.One of my class mates, played agaised James W on WORLD MATHS DAY!His name was Menelik, please could one of your studenets ask him if he remebers ? Your blog is very good on our blog, we did a sort of the same blog we did 29 ways to make the world a better place and you did 29 ways why to blog. All your blogs are great I love your 100 word challange's, every ones ! Keep blogging

  13. Hi! Great post, all of them are great reasons to blog!
    I've also read some of your work for the 100WC, and is very good.

    I'll try to visit more often and leave some comments!

    Pablo Demarchi

    1. wow all the way from argentina
      thank you for visting our blog
      sasha maple class