Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mitchell's 100 Word Challenge - Week 26

The burglary...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the night guard quietly dozed. This was the most risky heist in the world and all to steal a chocolate rabbit! This was no ordinary chocolate rabbit it was the tastiest  rabbit ever. There was one obstacle, lasers. Firstly to shimmy under the lasers. I carefully edge myself across the stone floor leaving lights inches from my face. Then i clamber to my feet and see my prize possession. I have to hurry because it is getting very light outside. I crack open the case and .... its gone someone has taken it. As I gaze outside  the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun. noooooooooo!


  1. Nice story Mitch. I like some of your vocabulary such as 'clamber' and 'shimmy'. The one improvement is in your spelling...we normally say 'prized posession'. A great job though. Well done.
    Mrs P

  2. I really like all your descriptive words such as "shimmy". I love the idea of a dangerous mission just to steal a chocolate bunny, even if it was special. To make it even better remember not to switch tenses as I found that a bit confusing to read.Apart from that it was great.
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  3. Hello Mitchell!
    what a shame after all your efforts!You have thought really hard about the words you have used to paint a picture of espionage and James Bond! Well done!