Thursday, 22 March 2012

Greg's 100 Word Challenge Week 25

I’m watching you…
The stranger asked, “how can I help you?”
“How did I get here?” I thought. I was standing in a small library, oblivious to how I got there. The only librarian had one eye, a stained white top and dull grey hair. Despite that, I didn’t want to be there, I had a browse to be polite. The first book I saw was titled, ‘I’m watching you…’ it had a realistic grey eyeball in it. I glanced at the librarian, he had one grey eye. There was an awful feeling about this place… I forgot how I arrived there and there was a real eye in a book!!!


  1. Your story was really spooky - it gave us the heebyjeebies! It reminds us of Goosebumps books. We really liked the fact that the librarian's eye was in the the book - did he wear an eye patch?

    Moore Class
    Shoreham Village School

  2. Wow Greg that was brilliant i loved the twist at the end.