Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day Four - Manor Adventure

We have made it to day four already! We have done lots of fun activities. one of the best ones was.....all of them!!
The abseiling we are doing right now!  The wall is really high, look!....
We bet you parents can't wait to have us home! Wait until you open our bags.
Yesterday we all went canoeing and kayaking, some of us went for a swim! Some of us went in four times! We couldn't stop laughing.
The underground maze was epic! We lost Greg (found him now fortunately). 
Our trip is coming to an end which is sad but we look forward to coming home.
All the children
Hello everyone back home! We are now blogging by phone which is good as we can do it as we go along. Thank you for all your comments, we are making sure the children get them. Everyone is being really good. All asleep each night by 10:30! The activities are really tiring them out! They are all happy and are participating in everything.  Some muddy children will be arriving home tomorrow - be prepared!
Mrs P


  1. Southern family15 March 2012 at 12:18

    Emily's mum and myself just seen the photos you look like your having a great time, lots of smiley faces. Enjoy the abseiling Bec,you can do it. Wishing you all a fantastic last full day at Manor.Enjoy every minute. Hope you managed to keep out of the water yesterday Bec.Can't wait to give you the biggest hug tomorrow Bec.Love you millions.xxxx
    Meggie sends big H K & TT and GET MUDDY!xx

  2. THE SMILEY DAVIES FAMILY :)15 March 2012 at 12:41

    WOW you lot have done soooo much, cant wait to have you home Ash, mud aswell lol, maisy has missed you so much, i have ben looking after charlie today so she went mad when she finally had someone to play with and get up to mischeif, I am so excited about picking you up tomorrow and giving you a GREAT BIG KISS, looking forward to hearing all about your fantastic week, have a great afternoon and enjoy your evening, see you tomorrow love mum xxx

  3. to all the year six i hope you are having a great time at manor.

  4. Woodhouse family15 March 2012 at 14:41

    Wow Sassy that is high! Lovely to see some photos of what you have all been getting up to. Have a great last night at Manor - maybe a midnight feast? Apart from being too tierd bet you and your dorm have eaten all the goodies. Looking forward to meeting you and the mud off the coach tomorrow. It has been soooooo quiet here without you I think I have gone deaf! Can't wait to hear your constant chatter tomorrow (i'm sure I will regret saying that).
    Love & miss you loads Mum XXX

  5. Woodhouse family15 March 2012 at 14:42

    P.S the blog has now had over 5000 views!

  6. It sounds like you are having a brilliant time, so glad the activities are fun!!Missing you lots Sophie and cant wait to see you tomorrow, Love The Fords xxxx

  7. Darling Sophie and friends, lovely to see a photo of you in your kit!!! Hope you are loving the activities, did you get a swim?? Miss you, Mum (Ford)xxxx

  8. The Thomas family15 March 2012 at 15:46

    Rhi Rhi - glad to hear you are enjoying yourself and doing lots of activities. Really missing you and can't wait to see you tomorrow. Ceri has been missing you lots too. Enjoy the rest of the time at Manor and we all look forward to you coming home (even though we're glad you are having fun)lots of love from mum, dad and Ceri.xxxxx

  9. Wow, loving the pictures! Mitch you are abseiling and smiling at the same time! Very very proud of you, proud of everyone, see you tomorrow, have fab last day xxxxxx

  10. Greg - where were you? Another of your disappearing tricks. Sounds as if you're having a fantastic time. Wish we were there! Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Lots of love, Mum, Dad and Matt xxx

  11. The Davies Family15 March 2012 at 18:10

    Hi Jack! Looks like you have had a great time - I heard you might have got a bit wet but I bet it didn't stop you laughing! Can't wait to hear all about the fun you've had tomorrow. See you soon, lots of love from Mum, Dad, Soph and Einie x x x

  12. THE SMILEY DAVIES FAMILY :)15 March 2012 at 18:13

    hi Ash again lol, just want to say have a fab last night at Manor, i am getting so excited now that you are home tomorrow, bet you have had a fantastic time :) just been and bought some soap powder as i think tomorrow night i will be washing all night lol xxxxx
    ps Jordan says HI XX

  13. Hi Sassy, Dad here just driven through Craven Arms on my way back from Wales - could have sworn I could hear your voice!!! Look forward to hearing all about your adventures tomorrow night. Love Dad X

  14. Southern family15 March 2012 at 18:41

    Hi Becs and friends, have a fab last night at Manor. We can't wait to see you tomorrow and hear about all the fun you have had. We love you millions Becs..Mum,Dad and H K & TT from

  15. The Et family ;)15 March 2012 at 19:10

    Hi Luke, Your on the countdown now,with it being your last night at Manor. Its been so quiet here without you, apart from Leyla crying every evening, missing my helper !Cant wait to hear what activities you have done n all your stories. Have a great last night n look forward to seeing you tomorrow when you get off the bus. Takecare n LOL n big hug. Mum, Frank, Liam n Leyla x x x x

  16. hi its jasmine

    have a fab last night hope you had a great time at manor i wish i could have come have a good night sleep and see you all on friday maybe or maybe monday or weekend can't wait to see you i wish i could have been there your so lucky you could go. today we planted trees and finished our castles tomorrow were baking cookies

  17. The Edwards family15 March 2012 at 19:17

    Hi Emily, enjoy your last night at Manor. We're counting down the hours til you come home! Can't wait to see you and hear all about what you've been up to.
    See you tomorrow.
    Lots of love Mum, Dad, Chloe & Charlie xxxx

  18. Wow, what a fab time you are having. Glad I don't have to do your washing though.

  19. Hi Kyle,sounds like you`ve all had a brilliant time!!enjoy your last night,love and miss you loads cant wait till your home tmw xx lots of love Mum,Neil,Courtney,Eloise and Ethan xxxxx

  20. hey jay, hope your having a great time..cant wait to see you tommorow..missed you loads..alfies been asking where youve gone and he wanted to go on holiday with you..

    all our love

    dad, donna n alfie xxx

  21. The Bayley Family16 March 2012 at 00:07

    Hi Elisha, tried to blog earlier but the internet was down. The photos are great, its lovely to see you having such a great time. Hope you've all enjoyed your last night. Cant wait to see you tomorrow and hear all about it. Lots of love from us all :) xx

  22. Woodhouse family16 March 2012 at 07:34

    Good Morning on day 5 of Manor. I can't believe it's nearly time for you to come home (approx 7 hours not that we are counting!) I do feel abit sad today, you have been looking forward and counting down to Manor ever since you came back from Borth last year! I don't think you will be quite as enthusiastic about the count down to SATs! I hope you have enjoyed every second of Manor as much as I have enjoyed commenting on the blog . Considering I did'nt know how to blog until you and Elisha kindly showed me on Monday morning (I bet you wished you hadn't now) I think i have done very well. So with some sadness and relief for you and Mrs P i'm sure, I am signing off the Manor blog for the last time!
    Love you loads and see you very soon! Mum XXX

  23. Southern family16 March 2012 at 08:11

    Morning Becca, all have a fantastic morning.Meg is crazy with excitement and cant wait to see you.LOLxxx

  24. THE SMILEY DAVIES FAMILY :)16 March 2012 at 10:51

    morning Ash, cant wait to see you later, hope you enjoy your last few hours, have missed you so much xx